Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions here, but incase you can’t find your answer then please use our Contact us form to send us a question.

My laminate is peeling off my doors? Can these be resurfaced?

Yes, we will remove all the laminate remaining on the surfaces prior to resurfacing.

How long will my surfaces last once they have been resurfaced?

Like anything the better you look after it, the longer it will last. Your generally looking at 7-10 years +.

Does my stovetop/shower screen need to be removed before my area is resurfaced?

We recommend these items are removed & replaced afterwards so we can get the optimum finish, also should the item needs replacing in the future there is no gaps if you are unable to get the exact size item.

Will my home smell of fumes and be dusty from sanding?

At JLNKR we use an odour eliminator and industrial fans to carry all vapours outside of your property, we also completely section of the area in your home being resurfaced with our special plastic walls.

How long does resurfacing take?

Obviously this depends on the area in the home being resurfaced, but generally a complete kitchen/bathroom is done in stages over a 4-5 day period.

Can you resurface floor tiles?

Yes, we resurface floor tiles in wet areas. Our coatings are extremely durable, and specifically formulated for professional use in these areas.

How are the products you use, different from those purchased at the hardware store?

When we resurface an area a great deal of time and care is taken along with the use of specialised products to prepare the area prior, to ensure our products are going to adequately adhere to your existing surfaces. We also use specifically formulated primers and resins which are made for professional use only, and all our materials are sprayed on to ensure a professional finish.

Do you provide a warranty?

All our work is backed by our 7 year warranty on all aspects of adhesion, we also provide our clients with care instructions to ensure excellent longevity and performance.

Are your staff qualified?

Yes, our staff are qualified Spray Painter’s who all have Federal Police Clearances,  and are  also First Aid and Health & Safety trained.

Where is the painting completed?

The bench top, surrounds, fascias, tiles, baths and vanities are all completed in the home. Cupboard doors and drawers will be removed and taken to our workshop and completed in our spray booth this will ensure the best results.

Peeling Laminate?

Leigh explains how we fix the common problem of peeling laminate.

Resurfacing Your Doors

To ensure all of your doors & drawers are of the highest standards, we remove them take them to our workshop in Port Kennedy to resurface.

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Protecting Your Home

This is how we protect your home from dust and paint travels.

Tour of JLNKR

Tour of our workshop/office based in Port Kennedy.